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 =SG= Paintball Tourney

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Gale Fox Quezzie

Number of posts : 46
Age : 21
Location : SVTropolis
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Registration date : 2008-08-17

PostSubject: =SG= Paintball Tourney   Sun Sep 07, 2008 2:55 pm

(LOL, the smiley from SB is still on the post.)
Hey! and welcome to the =SG= Paintball Tourney. There are three teams:
Speed, Power, and Flight. the team that wins gets to play in the Omega
Paintball Tourney. if you want to join, do this bio:

Height (for stats. Short Characters are 1 ft. - 4ft 6in. Tall Characters are Taller that 4ft. 6in.):
Weight (Also for stats. Light Characters are 1-100lbs. Heavy Characters are 101+lbs.):
Class (I.e, Power, Speed, Fly):
Team Position: (Do NOT put captain.)


Speed: ---- (---)

Fly: Kazuki Fujiwara (Gale Fox Quezzie)
Power: ---- (---)

Team Positions:

Sniper: 2 on a Team. Use long range paintball Markers with scopes
Gunslinger: 9 on a Team. Use two Pistol-Like Paintball markers
Defenders: 4 on a team. Use Shields with shotgun-like Paintball markers built in
Berserker: 2 on a team. have a Giant Tank of Air and a giant tank of Paintballs. Use Gattling Gun Type Paintball Markers. Stationary. Last Ditch Defenders.
Captains: AK-47 Type Guns with Paintball Grenade Launcher Built onto it. Stationary.

One thing: everyone, besides Captains CAN Run out of ammo.
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Nameless Mobian
Nameless Mobian

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PostSubject: Re: =SG= Paintball Tourney   Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:29 pm

Well do we put our real stats?
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=SG= Paintball Tourney
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