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 TSC crossover Megaman: Axess

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PostSubject: TSC crossover Megaman: Axess   Mon Apr 06, 2009 11:32 pm

“Battle Chips, Fire, Aqua, Electro, Bamboo swords, quadruple download, Program Advance: Element sword.” Flash shouts. Megaman’s arm turns into a rainbow sword and Megaman charges toward his opponent, a navi called Geminiman (Think Gemini Spark) and slashes four times with each element. “Geminman logging out.” The computer stated. “Megaman wins.”

“You know Flash, we don’t have to race around so much.” Maylu said. “Racing around is half the fun of hanging out with me.” Flash said. “Well anyways, I’ve gotta go to SciLab, wanna come?” “Sure, let’s get Hammer, Star and Misty.” Maylu said. “Called them earlier and they’re going to meet us there.” Flash said.

Later on the quintet, joined by Blur who just happened tp show his face around ended up at SciLab. Sonic came out a door and luckily met up with the six. “Hey dad!” Flash called. “Hey, if it isn’t my favorite visitors.” Sonic said. “How are you doing Dr. Accel?” Everyone asked. (Minus Flash and Blur) “Just fine, you?” Sonic asked. “Mom told me to bring you this.” Flash said bringing out a bag. “Whoops, I always forget something.” Sonic sweatdropped. “Dr. Accel!” Someone shouts. “Oh yeah, we’re about to do an experiment, come see it.” Sonic said.

Soon in a different part of SciLab Sonic is seen helping Furion getting set up in a suit. “You ready?” Sonic asked. “Yep.” In the observation deck the others watch the experiment unfold. “I wonder what they’re gonna do?” Maylu thought aloud. “It’s gotta be something cool!” Hammer said. “They’re going to fuse a human and net navi.” Tails said from behind causing everyone to turn. “It’s known as Cross Fusion, when a special field known as a dimensional area is formed and a special chip known as a Synchro chip. Eventually we hope to allow synchro chips to work without dimensional areas to fight any future threats.” “Initiating Dimensional area.” Someone said pulling a switch. Soon hexagons that change color appeared around Furion. “Initiate crossfusion now.” Sonic said. “Synchro chip in, download. Begin Cross Fusion!” Soon a bright flash comes in and soon Prisman appears in Furion’s place. “It worked.” Everyone shouted. “Congrats Dr. Accel.” Someone said. But soon some warning sounds came up as Furion started screaming in pain. “Uh oh, something’s wrong. Dropping dimensional area.” Soon the hexagons disappeared and Furion’s PET rematerialized and the Synchro chip was ejected. “Guess there’s still a lot to figure out about a synchro chip.” Sonic said.

Later on Sonic was in the break lounge with everyone. “I can’t seem to figure out what makes crossfusion work.” Sonic said to himself. “Don’t worry dad, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.” Flash assures. Soon the alarm goes off. “Dr. Accel, a huge amount of viruses have infiltrated the fire wall.” Soon the doors all close around them. “Uh oh we’re locked in.” Flash panicked running around the room. Soon the screen says the air is discharging. “Uh oh, if we don’t get out n 15 minutes the air in this room will be gone.” Sonic says. “Let’s do it everyone.” Flash shouts.


“Jack in, power up!” They all shout.

--------Cyber World--------

When the 6 navi’s materialized they were met with a field of viruses. “Roll, Iceman, take the left; Gutsman, Grassman, take the right; Protoman, take the rear.” Megaman said. Soon the navis jumped to different directions.

“Heart Slash!” Roll shouted showering out hearts. Striking down the viruses

“Cyber Blizzard!” Iceman shouted breathing a storm of ice. The viruses were deleted in an instant.

“Rocket Fists!” Gutsman shouted shooting his fists out of his arms. Pumiling the viruses into a deleted pile.

“Vine Sneer!” Grassman shouted as vines popped out of the ground. The viruses stood no chance.

“Sonic Boom!” Protoman shouted as a shockwave was released from his sword that stormed the viruses.

“Send me a battlechip Flash!” Megaman shouted.

“You got it Mach, Torna-” Flash said before someone shouted. “STOP!”

The viruses moved over and soon a beast like navi showed up. “I am Savageman!” Savageman growled.

“Megabuster!” Megaman shouted firing his cannon rapidly at Savageman. When his fire ended and the data smoke fled. Savageman stood there unscaved. “Uh oh.”

“Don’t worry I’ve got it Megaman, Laser Blast, Hi-Cannon, Mega Cannon; Triple download, Program Advance: Zeta Cannon!”

Soon a square cannon with a plus stamped on the front with a cannon hole in each square and the middle of the plus appeared in place of Megaman’s arms. Megaman fired the cannon at Savageman and forced him to log out.


Outside Tails manages to unlock the door and allow air inside. “Man, fresh air.” Flash gasps. Suddenly 4 tremors are felt around SciLab. In a matter of seconds a dimensional area forms. “A dimensional area? But how?” Sonic asks. “Dr. Accel, viruses have materialized inside the lab.” Someone said. “Uh oh!” Everyone shouted. Soon Ellabees came inside and came out them. “Run for it now!” Blur shouted. Soon they went into the next room and closed the door, the bees’ stingers penetrating the door. “We need to do something, we can’t sit around like this.” Star said. Flash’s gaze goes to the Synchro chips. “Wait a minute, if this is a dimensional area then…” Flash gets up and runs to the room with the Synchro chips. “Flash, don’t!” Sonic shouts. Soon Flash, just for safety grabs all of the Synchro chips and puts them in his pocket and keeps one out. Soon Flash hears a crash around him and sees Savageman. “Hand over the Synchro chips human!” Savageman growled.

“You think this will work Mach?” Flash asked. “It has to.” Megaman says. “Alright, Synchro chip in, download, Begin Crossfusion!” Flash and Megaman shout in unison. Soon Megaman’s gloves and boots formed around Flash’s hands and feet and his shoulder pads appear on his sholders and his backpack thing appears on his back, the part of Flash’s shirt with the Megaman symbol has Megaman’s symbol placed on it giving his shirt and pants lightblue markings like Megaman’s, soon Megaman’s helmet appeared on Flash’s head and his Blue hair stuck out in place of Megaman’s red hair. “No way!” Maylu shouted. “Megaman and Flash actually crossfused.” Sonic stammered.

“Whoa, this is so cool. How do you feel Megaman?” Flash asked. “I feel like I’m human again.” Megaman said. “Give up those chips!” Savageman screamed. Savageman rammed at Flash and knocked him into the wall. “Flash!” Sonic yelled. Savageman charges again but Flash catches his hands and breaks off his claws. “My claws!” Savageman screams. “MEGABUSTER!” Flash shouts summing his navi’s main weapon. “That doesn’t work on me remember?” Savageman taunts. “Giga Shot!” Flash shouts releasing the charge. Blinding the area in light, when it faded, Savageman’s arm and a little of his torso had been torn off. “I’ll make you pay!” Savageman Shouted. “Savageman logging out!”

Soon the dimensional area collapses and Flash returns to normal, and to see everyone come up to him, mostly with Maylu glomping him, much to Hammer’s anger. “I can’t believe you actually managed to crossfuse without a problem.” Sonic said amazed. “I think there’s still one side effect.” Flash says as he passes out.

The next day Flash meets with his dad at SciLab. “It seems I’ve learned that first time users will be drained of all their energy, so you don’t have to worry about having that problem next time.” Sonic explained handing Flash the Synchro chip. “I can have this? Sweet!” Flash shouted. “Not that sweet, your crossfuse has made Megaman forget how to use style change.” Sonic said. “That’s too bad.” Megaman said. “Oh yeah, now that I remember, you got a letter from the president. He wants to know if you want to be a net saver.” Sonic said. “You mean save the world? Count me in!” Flash shouted raising his fist into the air.

Nothing's impossible if you just try, that's my moto

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Gale #1 fan
Hyper Sonic
Hyper Sonic

Number of posts : 404
Age : 24
Location : Future City
Despriction : I'm the #1 fan of whatever I am a fan of
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Registration date : 2008-09-01

PostSubject: Re: TSC crossover Megaman: Axess   Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:30 pm

Around the city lights suddenly go very bright without control. The scene changes to Flash’s classroom which is going through the same problems. Soon Flash’s PET rings. “Message for you from Mr. Prower.” Megaman whispers. “Okay.” Flash responds tip toeing away so no one can hear or follow him, but Maylu hears him and looks back to see him not comng outside and secretly follows him. “This is agent Flash reporting for duty.” Flash said. “Lights all around the city have gone crazy, probably a darkloid, we need you to find the source and destroy it. Remember this is your first mission as a net saver so remember things aren’t going to be easy.” Tails explained. “Alright, Flash out.” “Hey Flash!” Maylu said. Flash turned his head and his face turned white when he saw Maylu there. “Maylu, how long have you been there?” Flash asked, sweatdrops dripping all over his face. “Long enough to hear about you being a net saver.” Star said causing the other two to shriek. “Um, oh look, I have a dentist appointment, gotta run!” Flash said running out with his super speed. “Get back here!” Maylu shouted grabbing Star and chasing him.

Flash was riding his extreme gear outside. “I need to find a quiet place to work.” Flash says to himself. He soon stops at a store area that looks fine. “Things are alright here for now. I’m jacking you in Megaman. Jack in, Megaman, power up!”

------------Cyber World--------------

A blue navi with a yellow helmet and shoulder pads fires bright orbs of yellow electricity. “Ha, ha, ha, ha!” The navi laughs. “Stop it.” Megaman shouts. “You interrupted me, what do you want?” The navi asks. “You to stop.” Megaman says pointing at the navi. “NEON LIGHT!” The navi shots releasing an orb at Megaman who jumps away. “MEGABUSTER!” Megaman shouted firing his main weapon. The blue navi blocks the attack with an electric shield. “Hero Sword, download!” Megaman’s right arm turns into the hero sword. Megaman rushes forward to strike, but is blocked by the shield which shocks him on contact. “This guy’s strong. We’ll need to something a little different.” Flash whispered to Megaman.

“Heart Slash!” Roll shouts from behind as the storm of hearts comes storming through. The blue navi jumps away as the hearts crash into the ground.

“Ice Block!” Iceman shouts as he pushes to giant black forward. The blue navi uses an orb to destroy the ice block.

Roll and Iceman jump by Megaman’s side. Megaman sits there too stunned for words.

-------------Real World-------------

“Roll and Iceman? But that means…” Flash said before looking behind him to see Maylu and Star. “Were you following me?” Flash asked. “You could say thanks.” Star said. “Let’s show them girl power Roll.” Maylu shouted.

------------Cyber World-------------

“You’ll regret fighting against Flashman! NEON LIGHT!” Flashman shouted firing the orb of electricity. “Look out!” Megaman shouted pushing them out of the way. “NEON LIGHT!” Flashman shouted firing another orb, everyone jumped from this one, Roll landing behind Flashman. “What’s the matter? Am I to fast for you?” Roll taunted. “Aqua Tower, download!” Roll unleashes the tower of water at Flashman who is unaffected and the tower goes on to hit Megaman. “Augh!” Megaman screamed. “NEON LIGHT” Flashman shouted as another orb flies towards Megaman. “Log out!” Flash shouted. “Megaman logging out.” “Coward” Flashman said. “Megaman.” Roll and Iceman said. “Roll and Iceman logging out.”

-------------Real World-------------

Later on in SciLab the three meet up with Sonic. “Initiating recovery program.” Sonic said. Soon Megaman appeared on screen asleep. “I think he’ll be okay.” Sonic said. “That’s great, I was worried.” Flash sighed. “We’re sorry Flash.” Star and Maylu said. “It’s alright. Really!” Flash said.

Suddenly error screens pop up. “Looks like a bug’s in the system, some unidentified data is in his programming. I’ll need to reboot him to find out what it is.” Sonic says. “A new power?” Flash asks. “I won’t know until I reboot.” Sonic replies. Soon the lights start flickering on and off. “Uh oh, Flashman is draining the city’s power, if the power goes off while I reboot Megaman, he’ll be deleted.” Sonic panicked.

“Don’t worry, we’ve got it; Jack in, Iceman!”

“Power Up!” They shout.

-------------Cyber World-------------

Flashman fires multiple orbs and aims them at the power lines of the internet. “Stop!” Iceman shouts. “So you haven’t learned to fear me, well apparently we’ll have to change that.” Flashman says. “This time we can’t let you win.” Roll said. “Because I’m in a good mood I’ll give you one chance to run away. I suggest you take it.” Flashman demands. “We’re not afraid of you!” Iceman said. “Tornado, download.” A tornado surrounds Roll. “Cyber Blizzard!” Iceman shouts turning the tornado into a frozen whirlwind. Flashman waits for it to get close and smashes his fist into the ground and destroys it. Roll doesn’t appear and shows up over head, Flashman throws an orb and hits Minboomers instead. “Miniboomers?” Flashman stuttered.

“Spreader, download!” A gun with multiple cut circles around it forms on Iceman’s arm and fires a giant blue orb that turns into multiple lasers that strike Flashman. “NEON LIGHT!” Flashman shouts conjuring multiple orbs that strike Roll and Iceman. “Feel my power, NEON LIGHT!” Flashman shouted conjuring more orbs to strike them again. “I can’t move.” Roll stammered. “Me to.” Iceman grunted. “Perfect, now I’ll delete them!” Flash laughed. “I don’t think so. MEGABUSTER!” Flashman looks to see himself get shot. “Megman, I’m not going easy on you this time.” Flashman grunts. “Neither will I.” Megaman says. “Bamboo Sword, download.” Megaman’s right arm transforms into a green sword. “At last a challenge, NEON LIGHT!” The orb goes at Megaman, but since the Bamboo sword is a wood element it cancels out the electricity of the orb. “Wha!?” Flashman gasped. Soon Megaman continues charging at Flashman with his sword ready, He swings. “This is for Roll!” He swings again. “This is for Iceman!” He swings once more. “And this is for me!!!” Flashman falls. “Time to end this.’ Megaman said.

“I’ll admit, you’ve surprised me, but now you will fall.” Flashman says pulling out a black chip. “Dark chip activate!” Soon a shadow purple and black aura with 3 eyes and a creepy mouth appeared around Flashman and his strength increased. “This power is amazing! I’m invincible!!!” Flashman cackled. “What’s a dark chip?” Flash asked. “Whatever it is it can’t be good.” Megaman said. Flashman jumps at Megaman who swings the Bamboo sword, but is unable to strike as Flashman catches the sword in his hands and breaks it. “This is bad.” Megaman said. Soon Flashman knocks him back. “Don’t let him win, Megaman.” Roll said weakly. “The dark chip. It’s increased his power tenfold. How can I beat him?” Megaman asked himself.

“NEON LIGHT!” Flashman shouts summoned a storm of orbs at Megaman who can’t escape the force. “Megaman!” Roll and Iceman shout. “FLASHLIGHT!” Flashman shouted using an entirely new attack. Two pillars formed by Megaman and shocked him with terrible force. “It’s my fault Megaman was hurt in the first place, I have to help him.” Roll said. “I’m with you.” Iceman said. “SPARK ARM!!!” Flashman shouted creating three white arbs with electricity coming from them moving in a U pattern. “We’re coming Megaman!” Roll and Iceman shouted. Roll and Iceman grab megaman and their navi symbols start glowing creating a shield that stops the orbs. “Wait, What. That’s not supposed to happen.” Flashman said shocked. Soon a bright light surrounds them. “That’s a bright light!” Flashman said amazed.

----------Real World-----------

“What’s this bright light?” Star asked. “Is it the Style Change?” Maylu asked. “No, when Flash crossfused for the first time he lost that ability.” Sonic replied. “Whatever it is, it’s a new power!” Flash said.

----------Cyber World----------

When the light faded Megaman appeared with Iceman’s suit. And a visor across his eyes. “Double Soul: Ice Soul!” Megaman shouted. “CYBER BLIZZARD!” Soon a blizzard came out of nowhere and froze Flashman for a second before he broke out. “You think that enough to beat me? SPARK ARM!” Flashman said. His attack overwhelmed Megaman, or so he thought. When the cyber smoke cleared, Megaman stood there in a attire simlar to Roll’s. “Double Soul: Roll Soul!” Megaman shouted. “It didn’t hurt him at all!” Flashman gasped. “MEGA SPARK ARM!!!!!” Flashman shouted sending thousands of orbs out into the air and sky. “ROLL ARROW!” Megaman shouted forming a crossbow. “Bring it Flashman, I double dog dare ya!” Megaman said firing the arrow energy that takes down the orbs. “IMPOSSIBLE, NO!!!” Flashman shouted as the arrow struck him.

“Flashman deleted!”

“I don’t know what would have happened if Roll an Iceman weren’t here, thanks Star and Maylu.” Megaman said.

-----------Real World-----------

Star grins and Maylu blushes. “Guess I should say thanks too.” Flash said. Soon Flash’s PET lights up for a moment then Roll and Iceman’s symbols appeared. “It seems that Megaman has taken the ability to combine with other net navis called Double Soul.” Sonic explained. “Wow, that’s cool isn’t it Mach?” Flash asked. “Double Cool.” Megaman said. Flash hands his PET to his father and inserts two blank chips in the PET and each one holds one of the navi symbols. “Now you can use these double souls anytime you want.” Sonic said. “Only problem is now Star and Maylu know I’m a Net Saver.” Flash said. Staar and Maylu sighed. “Well actually there’s a way around that.” The president said walking in. “Mr. President.” Sonic greeted. “Nice to see you Dr. Accel.” The president said. “What do you mean a way around Star and Maylu knowing about Net Savers?” Flash asked. “Well they certainly have skills from what I’ve seen in the N1 Grand Prix. I think it will be alright if they know on one condition. How would you like to become Net Savers as Flash’s partners.” “Really, okay!” Star said. “Sure thing!” Maylu said. “Looks like we’ve got some friends by our side.” Megaman said. “You bet.” Flash said. Everyone laughed after that.

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TSC crossover Megaman: Axess
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