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 The Chronicles 1st Season [PG-13] [Complete]

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PostSubject: The Chronicles 1st Season [PG-13] [Complete]   Sun Sep 07, 2008 2:41 pm


Hundreds of years ago, when
Chaos was released, his form and power wasn't from the Chaos Emaralds,
but instead a crystal made out of Chaos Emerald shards, with the spirit
of a mad Hedgehog named Nexus, trying to control Chaos to destroy the
world, inside it. after the event Tikal the Echidna shattered it into
shards. Hundreds of years later, a day in December of 2040, the
27th to be Exact, Dr. Robotnik released Nexus to destroy the planet.
However, Ian Lighsspeed fought the spirit and defeated it. He decided
to seal the beast inside of his newborn son, Jac Lighspeed and for the
child's fifth birthday, to give him a proto-emerald shard on a necklace.15
years after that event, Jac has grown into a bounty hunter, enjoying
his life with his girlfriend Scarlet and his best friend, Caj AKA
Anti-Jac. He now enjoys the Chronicles of Life! What awaits him? Fame?
Fortune? Life? Death? You'll have to read to find out!
Chapter 1

Jac is looking around in Gamestop (he's looking for Sonic Nex-Gen) when he notices a flyer.
Jac: (reading) Be a Guitar Hero contest 4. Apply at your nearest GameStop or EB Games. (talking) Thank You. I need this.
Jac looked over and noticed that there was one form left.
SFX: aaaaaaaaaaaaah...(Chorus)
Jac: **grips scabbard** THE LAST FORM IS MINE!
Jac ran up to the form
let's see... Band Name: Chaos Controllers... Members: Jacquez
Lighspeed, Age: 15...Sonic Superspeed Age: 14...Miles "Tails" Prower,
Age: 12, and Knuckles Superpower, Age: 15. Positions:... Me, Guitarist.
Jac grabbed his cellphone and dialed a number
Jac: Hey Sonic!
Sonic: (over phone) what?
Jac: if you were to be in a band, what position would you choose?
Sonic: singer.
Jac: if Tails is there, can you ask him the same question?
Sonic: Sure. Tails, if you were in a band, who would you be?
Tails: one of Les Claypool's Flying Frogs.
Sonic: I mean your position!
Tails: Drummer. I can use my two tails to hold two extra drumsticks.
Jac: Knuckles?
Sonic: Knuckles where would you be in a band?
Knuckles: Bass Guitar.
Jac: OTAY. Sonic is Singer, Knuckles... Bass, Tails... Drummer.
Jac droppedd the registration form into the box in front of him
Jac: **looks at poster above box** looks like the drawing is... Haloween 2007!? that's today! on channel.... 1109.later...
Annoucer on channel 1109: and the winning band is...
Jac: mommy.
Announcer: The Chaos Controllers!
and Scarlet are passed out, Knuckles is crying, Sonic is spin-dashing
all over the place, and Tails is having an emotional breakdown.
Jac: mommy...
Tails is mad due to his emotional breakdown.
Tails: You mean Mouth--
Arkasha: **throws dagger at Tails** don't EVER even TRY to say that name!
Jac: **gets up** wait a sec. Call in Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade!
a bunch of flying froggys(?) appear.
Flying Froggys(?): Jerry was a race car driver
And he drove so goddarned fast
He never did win no checkered flag
But he never did come in last
Jerry was a race car driver
Hed say el solo number one
With a bocephus sticker
On his 442 hed light em up
Just for fun
Sonic: Primus Sucks!!
that night there was much rejoicing, Bukostining and Jerry Was a Race Car Driver-ing.
Chapter 2
The next morning...
Jac's alarm sounded as a bar appeared over his head. Jac then Jumped up onto the bar
Jac: **yawns** alright! Now to test my prototype morning necessities training course!
Jac then swung forward, jumping into a tube containing soap and water, and then slid down it.
Jac: alright! This is fun! Let's do this!
squatted and jumped, landing perfectly in his wall kick position (on
the wall of course...outside of the tube) in a circle-shaped tower.
Jac: where's my shirt?
Jac looked up, noticing two robot hands holding his shirt in position for him to "spiral run" up the tower to get it.
Jac: come on! Alright... Spiral Dash!
Jac ran up the tower, and then grabbed his shirt to put it on
Jac: now... pants!
Jacey: aren't you getting cocky?
Jac: what do you want, Jacey?
Mom and Dad wanted me to tell you see Uncle Neon, Ashura, and Alucard,
and also,

Neon's son Danny, and Alucard's daughter, Victoria are both
eager to meet you. Meanwhile...
Danny: I wonder what cousin Jac is like...
Arasha: he's evil.
Mugen: he's psychotic and violent.
Victoria: (English accent) I want to go home now!
Back at the training course...
Jacey: Airshoes, SOAPs, or Converse?
Jac: Airshoes
With that, Jac jumped up and landed on the ceiling, in his Airshoes, that is.
Jac: Visor, materialize!
A stream of data appeared over Jac's head, then turns into his Visor.
Jac: cut it closer next time, please.
Jac then jumped down an opening on the floor and landed in the lobby of the mansion, fully dressed
To be continued...
Chapter 3

Jac: **lands** that was fun.everybody looked at Jac like he was crazy

Jac: what?


Jac started walking towards Danny and Victoria

Jac: **extends hand** nice to meet you two.

Victoria: Nice to meet you. Please don't hurt me.

Jac: **gets mad** I won't hurt you, but I will hurt Arasha and Mugen.

Jac rushed at Mugen and kicked him, sending him into the wall, then grabbed Arasha by her shirt and lifted her

Jac: you're lucky for two reasons. one, you're a girl. two, my twin didn't develop.

Arasha: thank god Xzavier isn't alive.

Jac: that's the only reason my middle name is Xzavier.With that, a light engulfed Jac, then faded, showing Jac in his swimming trunks.

Jac: **grabs a surfboard and skateboard out of a black hole** Surf's Up!

Jac threw his skateboard on the ground and started skating.

Victoria: no debate on that.

Danny: yeah, that's right. Chaos Control!

both dissapear in a flash of light.

Jac: dang, they're good. Nexus Warp!

Jac dissapeared also

Ian: now that they're gone, let's get to the business at hand. **rushes towards Alucard** you're not getting any money!

Arkasha: Same...**dashes at Neon and Ashura, then kicks them, sending them through the wall of the mansion** HERE!


Jac, Victoria, and Danny are surfing, while Caj and Scarlet are in the sand building a sand castle.

Jac: Yaihooo! eat my turblulence!

Jac leaned forward, spraying water behind him.

Victoria: oh no! **falls off her board** AAAAAAAAIIIIEEE!

Danny: **Jumps over Victoria** Chillax, Vicky.

UltraQuez appeared at the shore with a pizza box.

UltraQuez: **yawns** hey you guys. I'm just gonna re--**yawn**lax. okay... Beach Chair and umbrella, appear.a beach chair and umbrella appeared behind UltraQuez.

UltraQuez then sat down.

UltraQuez: mini-table.a mini-table appeared next to UltraQuez.

Jac: hey UltraQuez. do you plan to mix anything up?

UltraQuez: no unless you're thinking about the atmosphere. Music, start!

Music: Kingdom Hearts - Destiny Islands (daytime)


UltraQuez: yeah. I thought you needed a break, Jac.

Jac: man, the UCT was hard. it's very difficult to believe that you didn't participate.

UltraQuez: No. I was in the Quezanian Republic, meeting my fellow Quezanians.

Jac: are you Quezanians different from humans?

UltraQuez: not really. we just have **SPOILERS** eyes so we wear visors most of the
time. did you know that the average Quezanian person even wears a visor
in their sleep?
ac: you Quezanians are different. can you do the honors?UltraQuez: this is the end of this little relaxation. bye.

Chapter 4

Back at the mansion...

Arkasha: Shadow Dimension!!!!!! the whole area turned black.

Ashura: why don't you liven it up a little!?

vines sprouted from the floor, tying up Arkasha and Ian

Ian: Dang It, Dang It, Dang It!!! Super Saiyan three!

Ian's fur turned yellow and his eyes turned green

Ian: Super Kameheha Time Infinity!!!!!!!

A Giant ray ingulfs the entire area

Alucard: **cocks Jackal** You know that the Jackal is an anti-freak cannon, you freaks!!!!!!!

SFX: (insert gunshot SFX here)

Ian: AAAH!

Arkasha: OUch!

Scarlet appeared and ran up to Alucard and hit him with a guitar, instantly knocking him out.

Jac: and I always thought it was Ian's side.

Arkasha: This is no time to be researching the gene pool!

Ian: they're trying kill us so they can rob us!


Arkasha: to think he would get mad about money.

Markings appeared on Jac.


??? charged a ball of energy in his hand and slammed it down on Ashura, Neon, and Alucard, instantly knocking them out.

??? transformed back into Jac. Jac then fell onto the floor, extremely bruised and battered

Jac: (weakly) what was I? All I remember is getting mad about money and that's it.

Arkasha: we'll tell you on your birthday. in the meantime, you need to go to the hospital.

The End
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The Chronicles 1st Season [PG-13] [Complete]
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